General Information

Pictures of our puppies are posted on our website very early. For their safety, we do not let anyone view the puppies until they are 6 weeks old and have had their first vaccination. We do not let the puppies go to their new homes until they are 8 weeks old. We do, however, make certain exceptions at our discretion for certain litters we feel may be ready for their new homes a little sooner.

French Bulldogs are very hard and expensive to breed. Most of them do not breed or give birth naturally and, for this reason, we sell our puppies at a higher price if you would like full AKC registration. We do not want our puppies going home with someone with no breeding experience who intends to breed them.

Deposits & Payments

Deposits are $500. They are non-refundable but do go towards the total purchase price of the puppy upon full payment. The only way a refund for a deposit is given is if something happens to the puppy during the holding period, such as it becoming ill or passing. Please note that a deposit is not completely made until you have returned our deposit contract, signed and dated.

If the puppies are under 6 weeks of age you can submit an early deposit through PayPal, Venmo, or with a check by mail. We provide many pictures of the puppies and their markings. Pictures of their parents are also available on the “Parents” page. An early deposit guarantees the puppy that you choose will be held for you. After your early deposit payment and signed contract has been received, you will be sent a confirmation email and your puppy's status on the website will be changed to “not availabull." If you wish to receive a copy of the deposit contract before making the deposit, just let us know and we will gladly send you one. We also keep you updated on your puppy by email or text. When your puppy turns 6 weeks old you are more than welcome to come and visit.

Deposits can also be made in person after the puppies are 6 weeks old and have received their first vaccination.

We prefer all puppies stay with us until they are about 8 weeks old but we do sometimes let them go home as early as 6-7 weeks, as long as we feel they are completely ready and their new families are ready to bring them home.

We do NOT accept deposits on future litters. We cannot guarantee a future litter or a future puppy. We do, however, have a waiting list. If we do not have the puppy that you want now, please email us all of your information and what you are looking for in a puppy. Our waiting list is the first group of people we contact when a litter arrives.


Unfortunately, due to the potential for fraudulent payments, we can only accept cash for final payments. We understand some are wary of bringing large amounts of cash with them to pick up their puppy but, unfortunately, we have had to adopt a "better safe than sorry" approach to final payments. 

While we make every opportunity to provide you with information and references to assure you we are true to our word and that you are truly getting a high quality puppy raised in a fantastic home, we, unfortunately, cannot do the same for potential buyers. We have experience with and have heard from other breeders who have received fraudulent payments with PayPal, credit cards, and even cashier's checks and money orders. Because of this, we have to ask that final payments be made in cash only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we must do our due diligence in assuring our puppies go home to responsible and trustworthy owners.

If you absolutely cannot pay in cash, we do allow other methods of payment BUT they must be made at least one week prior to the puppy being picked up. This gives ample time to allow the payment to clear and be approved. This, however, means that you will have paid for your puppy in full before picking it up. If you do not feel comfortable with this, cash is the only accepted payment that can be made simultaneously with the picking up of the puppy.


Availabull: No deposit has been placed and the puppy is still availabull.
Not Availabull: Deposit has been placed and the puppy is no longer availabull.
Sold: The puppy is now living with their new family.

Shipping & Delivery

Puppy Shipping.jpg

In order for us to deliver or meet you with a puppy, a deposit must be made first. We will only bring the puppy that you have put a deposit on. We cannot bring entire litters and parents on trips. If you would like to meet the puppy's parents and siblings, you will have to come to our home to pick him/her up. 

NOTE: Please understand that while we make an honest effort to meet anyone who is traveling a significant distance from our home, we cannot always do so and make a decision to meet on a case by case basis. Numerous factors affect our ability to travel on any given day.

If you live a significant distance away and are willing to fly into the Nashville, TN airport (BNA), we can meet you there with your puppy. We do not charge to meet you at the airport. We will also cover the cost of obtaining the required health certificate from our veterinarian so that your puppy is able to fly back with you. You will need to bring an airline approved bag for the puppy to fly back with you. The puppy must have a ticket to ride back with you ON the plane. We will NOT let any of our puppies fly or be shipped cargo.

We will only drive out to meet you once. If you do not show up then you will have to come pick up the puppy from our home or pay a delivery fee through PayPal or Venmo before we will meet you again.


Please contact us if you would like your puppy shipped to you. We handle these on a case by case basis but we have found that the cheapest and safest method to ship your puppy to you is for us to fly into the nearest airport with your puppy. We will not ship any of our puppies cargo.

Costs included with this method of delivery include: 1) Price of round trip ticket (plus the fee for flying with a puppy in the cabin) and 2) an additional $100 for our time to travel to and from the airport and fly to your destination. We will cover the cost of obtaining the required health certificate from our veterinarian so that your puppy is able to fly back with you. We also have an airline approved travel crate we could us for your puppy.

Please note, the above option is HEAVILY dependent on our schedule and availability which is severely limited with our other obligations and three young children. The easiest option, which is the option always chosen thus far, is for you to fly into our airport (Nashville - BNA) and for us to meet you at the airport with your puppy, as previously described above.

Shots & De-Worming

Need your puppy's shots or de-wormings done? Look no further. Avoid expensive vet office visit charges and let us do them for you. We use the same shots that your puppy would receive at a vet. This is only if your pet requires a simple yearly shot or de-worming. We are not veterinarians or medically trained to conduct examinations.

Upcoming Litters

Contact us for more information and to be put onto our waiting list so you can be the first we email when new pups arrive!

Lily just entered her heat cycle. Based on her anticipated breeding schedule, her litter should arrive around one week before Thanksgiving 2019.

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